SGM Group is the control tower that integrates tailor-made solutions for your company. Acting from end to end in foreign trade to generate savings in internal costs, tax benefits and innovative logistical proposals.


• Risk prevention

• Reduction of logistics costs

• Design of the smartest logistics option

• Cost optimization in relation to taxes

• Avoid unexpected financial impacts  


What we do

• Import

• Export

• Customs and foreign trade consultancy 


SGM Consultancy | Import by those who know the best ways

• Agility

∞• Reduced operating costs

• Performance in several markets

• Complete logistics

Importing and exporting equipment involves

a series of processes and bureaucracies that can generate high

internal costs and incompatible results. 

You can take comfort in knowing that we advise your company

on import of new or used machinery and equipment,

in a simple, fast and reliable process, at a better cost

benefit ratio. Whether for industrial expansion, participation in new

business and modernization of industrial parks. 

Our processes are totally transparent, going through customs clearance, international freight and transport.

We can negotiate with the supplier abroad and take care of

sea or air transport, including complete logistics.


• Granting of import licenses for used machines

• Complete project to obtain import authorization

for industrial units

• Complete management of the customs process (door-to-door)

• Prospecting machine opportunities in the international market

• Obtaining clearance certificates for granting benefits

• Review of description and tax classification

• Advice for international financing


Customized solutions

We conducted a strategic analysis to identify

your company's needs in order to find the best solution to transport

your assets and reduce final costs. 



Tax classification

Import license

and consent in all controlling agencies


Drawback in all

its modalities


Customs clearance

International freight

and insurance in all

its modalities

Control tower

DTA customs transit

Temporary importation in all its modalities

Customs warehouse

Road transport

Federal and state taxes and contributions

Tariff Exceptions

Import of used equipment



Invoice issue, packing list

and certificates

of origin

Temporary exportation in all its modalities

Pré staking

Export declaration

International freight and insurance in all its modalities

Customs and foreign trade consultancy


for Radar

Project load

Customs consultancy

and advice

Special arrangements


of departments


and registration

with consenting bodies

Expertise in several different segments and products

Steel and aluminum
Steel and aluminum

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Fashion and textile
Fashion and textile

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Steel and aluminum
Steel and aluminum

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The choice of those who know.

High vigor

High degree of purity (99.9% of proven seeds)

International quality

Makes more per hectare

SGM produces high quality tropical fodder seeds and exports to more than 20 countries.

With an innovative technology that guarantees a high standard of vigor and purity, SGM seeds have great germination potential, forming pastures quickly, productivity and high yield in meat and milk production. 


Technical monitoring 

Our professionals provide expert consultancy to indicate

the most suitable seeds and also to inform the ideal management of your pastures.

Quality Differentials:

• Seeds free from pests and diseases.

• Phytosanitary treatment and polymers.

SGM Trading offers clients all financial, tax and logistical support,

with complete and agile planning of their foreign trade operations.

We operate in all states of Brazil, with a potential focus on the

Special Regime of Santa Catarina.

Business models:

Third party account and order

SGM Trading is the importer and the customer is the owner of the goods and is responsible for its negotiation and payment to exporters. 

Purchase and sale by order

SGM Trading is the importer and the owner of the goods,

and is also responsible for payments in the import process.

In such cases, our partnerships with banks provide better financing conditions and import-related financial products. In addition,

both the regular performance reports and the technical follow-up

of SGM guarantee absolute control, security in operations and results.


Where we are

Base Fronteira


Base Fronteira Foz do Iguaçu


Av. Sagitário, 138 - Ed. Alpha Square

Torre London - sala 317 - Alphaville - Barueri

São Paulo/Brasil - CEP 06473.073

+ 55 11 2885 1020

Ribeirão Preto

R. Uruguai, 1770 – Parque Industrial Coronel Quito Junqueira

Ribeirao Preto - São Paulo/Brasil

Base Aeroporto Viracopos

Base Aeroporto Guarulhos


Av. General Camara, 76 - sala 405

Centro - Santos - São Paulo/Brasil CEP 11010.120


R. Pres. Prudente de Morais, 673 - Ed. Center Office - sala 11

Santo Antônio - Joinville - Santa Catarina/Brasil - CEP 89218.001


Av. Sete de Setembro, 766 - sala 501

Fazenda - Itajaí - Santa Catarina/Brasil - CEP 88301.202

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